My Travel Realization

I have always assumed that to travel meant to take extensive journeys, and those journeys almost always involved a passport.  The further the adventure took me from home, the more impressive and meaningful it was. Don’t get me wrong, my extensive travels really have been some of the most rewarding.  Sleeping on the ground next to a baby goat who continued to  head-butt me in my backside all night, in a small Indian village, truly put my life into perspective for me.  However, I can’t pop off to Asia or South America every month.  I’m in college! I can barely afford my rent.   

My economic situation and my itch to see new places pushed me to realize that I can travel around the Eastern Shore, and have a great time doing it.  Road-tripping around Worcester and Wicomico County means I also have amazing company, my boyfriend Nick and our puppy, Max.  I get to meet people from different walks of life, eat amazing foods, and broaden my understanding of the area I have now called home for four years.  My wallet is full, my tummy is content and my heart is happy.  Image



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