The Trashy Traveler

This morning we got assigned to our Non-Profit Organizations for the Communications Senior Seminar and I was instantly intrigued by my group, Assateague Coastal Trust.  The organization has an impressive website with countless pictures of conservation efforts and information about why keeping the Eastern Shore clean is so important.  However, I quickly came to realize that it is not an issue I ever considered very thoroughly.  

When I travel, be it around Salisbury or far and wide, cleaning efforts are the last thing on my mind.  I usually make huge efforts to meet the people and see all the sites, the typical stuff.  When I am adventuring, I have a camera or phone permanently attached to my hand, constantly snapping away.  When something gets in my picture that I did not intend, like trash on the street or a homeless man, I crop it out.  Social Media allows me to cut, copy, paste my way around serious conservational issues and it is oh so simple to do so.  It just takes a click of a button. 

I can already tell that working with the Assateague Coastal Trust will make me more aware of conversation efforts and their purpose.  Maybe my next trip will be completely based on helping to clean up an area.  I had never considered! My horizons have been broadened. 


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