Sights, Sweets and Some Cardio?

I hear it all the time from my friends and family: Their latest trip totally sabotaged their current health fad.  One of my best friends returned home from an incredible study abroad in Barcelona, Spain in a state of horror that she had gained a whopping 10 lbs. 

To these complaints I always have the same response; “You’re doing it wrong!” If you are healthy, willing and able, the best form of transportation abroad is your own two feet.  Now, I’m not saying that you need walk the 30 miles from your hotel to a must see destination.  I hate blisters as much as the next person.  However, hopping off the metro a stop early to find a small cafe and then walking the short 3 miles is not only manageable but more fun! Wandering your way there will prove a worthy adventure (or a story to laugh about later) and a much healthier option.

Slaving away in a gym is not necessary to remain active when you are away from home.  By exploring new cities afoot or on bike you will be privy to hidden gems along the way plus you don’t need to feel guilty about having that dessert.  Strawberry gelato, please! 


3 thoughts on “Sights, Sweets and Some Cardio?

  1. When I was in Europe this summer, my best friend and I realized you get to see SO much more of the city and you’ll get a MUCH better experience by walking as opposed to the metro. Amsterdam, Rome, and Prague were our favorite walkable cities. They are small enough that you can get anywhere by walking and are so beautiful that the walk is just as great as the attractions you’re heading to!

    • Absolutely! When I was in Budapest for Spring Break, my boyfriend and I decided to only take a taxi during a rain storm. We ended up finding the coolest little stores and cafes that were not included in the travel books we brought.

  2. I’ve never traveled internationally but I definitely agree with the idea of walking as the best method of transportation. You see so much more of a place when you are forced to figure out where you are on the city’s map and what you will need to pass through to get where you’re going. I follow the same exercise logic a little closer to home. If I didn’t walk to school and around campus, I wouldn’t get nearly as much exercise as I do now.

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