Fever for Flavor


I am sitting here in one of the Salisbury University cafes thinking about how much money I just wasted on a horribly bland tuna salad sandwich.  A seriously soggy and completely unsatisfying sandwich.  The sandwich plus my green tea lemonade cost a whopping $7.25.  I hand my credit card over all the time for substandard lunches like this without even batting an eye.  And I am not even sure what bugs me more, the inflated prices or the lackluster food that I am given.

This sad, sad lunch makes me really miss the food I have had when traveling abroad. In Bangkok I used to get pad thai off the street for mere change that had me salivating at the mouth.  Real, authentic, flavorful pad thai.  The kind you can’t even order in the U.S. at a Thai restaurant for $18 an entree.  And the “green stuff” I had at a hole in the wall restaurant in Jaipur, India.  I never caught the name of the dish because when I saw it cooking I *swore* I would not be eating it.  Of course I had to eat my words, and an entire two platefuls after I left my ignorance at the door and gave into the green goo.  My entire meal was, as usual, maybe a dollar or two.  Even a simple mango skewer covered with chili powder from the streets of Mexico sounds good right now! A juicy, fresh mango covered with the chili for a mix of sweet and spicy would make me infinitely happier than a soggy tuna sandwich.

Obviously, I can’t catch a plane to any of these places right now…but I can certainly find an iphone app full of easy international recipes to help curb my cravings and keep some cash in my pockets.  And they may (ok, definitely) not be as good as the originals I have had along the road, but that’s ok.  Because any mishap I concoct in the kitchen will be much better than a soggy tuna sandwich!


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