Jubilant Journeying

I just wasted an hour of my life googling and pinteresting travel tips.  What to pack, what not to pack, and other tricks of the travel trade.  After a while they all started to blend together because I quite frankly don’t give a damn about these lists.  You could bring a hat, or not bring a hat. I guess if you are traveling to the Sahara desert it could really change things, but otherwise it truly doesn’t matter.  The difference between a good trip and a bad trip isn’t how you pack in your suitcase, it’s how you pack your mind.

I have a rule when choosing who to go on adventures with.  If you are coming with me, you have to be able to laugh.  Laugh at yourself, laugh at your situation, laugh at everything.  There is nothing worse than being stuck at the wrong bus stop in Malaysia for 10 hours with someone who just wants to sit there and cry about your horrible luck.  Traveling will inevitably push you outside your comfort zone and it will force you to learn about yourself.  It is at the 9th hour – when your friend pulls a bug from your hair, you realize you have been sitting in mud that smells remotely of urine and you are so thirsty even curdled milk sounds good – that you absolutely have to give in and laugh.  Why not? What else are you going to do?

So, next time I pack up my bag I may throw in a hat.  Or five. Or none at all.  What I definitely will do is prepare myself mentally for anything and everything that could come my way.  And to take all those possibilities with a smile and a laugh.  Life is too short for anything else.



One thought on “Jubilant Journeying

  1. You would hate traveling with my sister then! But I love the thought process. If you waste all your time pitying yourself when things don’t go your way then you’re missing out on the moment. And in reality it’s not the situation that is making you miserable, it’s your mindset. I wish more people thought like you.

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