Whenever I travel I am used to seeing signs or hearing from guides “don’t feed the animals.”  Don’t feed them, don’t touch them, sometimes it’s best to not even look them in the eye! Because when we travel we are supposed to respect the people of the area, but also the animals.  We are trespassing on their home and they have every right to be protective of it, which they will be.  It’s their natural animal instinct!

So today, on a local exploration to Assateague Island I was none too impressed to see people going up to the wild horses to feed them and take pictures petting them.  Are you blind?! The sign says:


It is your prerogative to put yourself in danger of these wild animals, but don’t ruin the experience for the rest of us.  One of the great appeals of Assateague is that it has activities for the entire family! Children were lining up because they also wanted to pet the beautiful horses and were so upset when there parents (luckily) said no.  I hope that these kids learned the important travel rule to not feed the animals! No matter where they go.


Overall, the weather was still perfect and the views were still beautiful.  My puppies took their first trip to the beach and loved every sandy second of it.  Luckily there were no dangerous incidents with the ponies, but with so many people invading their personal space I wouldn’t have bee surprised. I will continue to admire the horses from afar with the awesome zoom capabilities of my iPhone.



3 thoughts on “DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS

  1. Awe! Beach trip! I’m always amazed by people’s ability to ignore signs and common sense. Too many accidents occur with wild animals, so I’m always hestitant about going near them if it’s not a controlled environment like a zoo. Let’s hope those people won’t have to learn the hard way. Glad you had fun!

    • Thanks, Michelle! After a few close encounters I have way too much respect for wild animals to get all up in their business. I would say to upgrade to blinking neon signs but somehow I feel like people would still ignore them..

  2. HA, yeah I go to Assateague quite frequently. Its funny they have a McDonald’s with ponies that tells you not to try and touch them. It seems sort of contradictory because they have the food dispensers where you can pay quarters for their feed anyway.

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