The Beauty of a Blog

I will never forget the fateful day, several years ago, as I was leaving my Communications 102 class and I decided to ask my professor to suggest worthwhile travel books, since he was a travel writer himself.  I got a short scoff and he tossed out a couple names like Paul Theroux and Bill Bryson, before telling me that travel writing was too difficult for a woman.  THE NERVE!

My professor was always fairly condescending, but this took the cake.  Who is he to tell me that any job is too difficult, especially based on my sex.  I am fully aware that the place of a woman is different from culture to culture and some countries might prove harder to engage with certain member of society because of gender differences.  I am also aware that there are some places that women are not encouraged to travel solo because of present dangers.  However, what I am most aware of is my ability to communicate and get along with people of all ages, genders and cultures and my passion to learn from everyone I meet.  When I was backpacking through South East Asia at 18, I was constantly learning about women and societal norms in each country I ventured to.  Some places I had to dress more conservatively and others I knew not to make a lot of eye contact.  Never did it cross my mind that I should not be going on this journey and making connections with people because I was a female.  I simply had to respect the culture and people I was with and in return I was typically treated incredibly.

This unfortunate encounter is what spurred my interest in travel blogs.  Not just any travel blogs – but badass women, on a mission, who travel the world and write about it from different perspectives.  I have found that the blogging world has restored any faith I had lost in a woman’s ability to travel, engage and write about their experiences.  Some of the women that I follow on a weekly basis constantly break through any limitations set before them and are passionately exploring every corner of this planet.  Reading the words of these incredible women gives me hope that I can pursue some type of travel writing career that I have dreamt of for so many years.



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