My Breast Blog Yet :)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I think it will be fitting to dedicate this blog to my biggest inspiration and a Queen Bee traveler, my mom.  For as far back as I can remember, my mom has played a huge role in planning and executing a plethora of family vacations, girl’s weekends and groupie concert trips.  Even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, in 2003, she would continue to plan exciting vacations for us.  She would go to the hospital, complete her chemotherapy treatment and then we would hop on a flight to Disney World or drive up to Philly for an Edwin McCain concert.  Nothing could stop her from going new places, meeting new people, or from being the center of attention because people were always drawn to her, like bees to honey.

Unfortunately, after a tough three year battle she lost her fight to breast cancer.  Losing my mom at 16 forced me to grow up at a much faster rate than I had anticipated and when it came time to head off to college, I knew I wasn’t ready.  I am grateful for the struggle I endured because it is the sole reason I began traveling and fell so in love with the thrill of adventure.  Instead of going to the University of South Carolina, like I had initially intended, I hopped on a plan to Asia to backpack and volunteer for three months.  Those three months changed my perspective on the world and myself, forcing me outside of the bubble I grew up so comfortably in.  Backpacking through Asia led me to teaching English in Peru, which led me to start pursuing my undergraduate at the University of Oregon, which led me back home to Maryland.

I make it a priority now to spend time doing what I enjoy and doing it with people who bring me happiness.  I learned the hard way that life is way too short, so I do everything I can to bask in the joys of life now.  I also hope to touch people the way my mom did me, and inspire them to travel to places they had never imagined.  Last Spring my boyfriend got on a plane for the first time without his parents and we set off for Sasquatch, a huge hippie-fest of a music festival in Washington, State.  We were both pushed outside our comfort zone and we l-o-v-e-d every damn second of it.

I wish all girls the chance to inspire and be inspired, as I have.  A big thanks to my crazy legend of a mother for pointing me in the right direction.



5 thoughts on “My Breast Blog Yet :)

  1. What a beautiful post. All of it so true- you inspired me to get away from life and go to Ghana, a much needed change of pace. LOVE YOU!

  2. This blog was fantastic. First of all, your Mom looks like she was the coolest hippy chick I would ever be able to find. That picture is awesome. And good for you for taking time off and taking the risk. Everyone mistakenly rushes through college thinking that once they leave they’ll know what they want to do. Well, you chose to rush off somewhere other than college and it actually inspired you and helped you figure out what you’re passionate about. It taught you way more than I could ever learn here in Salisbury. Very inspiring!

  3. Such an incredible post. Thank you for sharing! When I was 15, my best friend who was also 15, died of cancer. Losing someone so young can either make or break you. Im glad that you have come out with such a positive attitude. Cancer is such a heartbreaking thing. But I like you learned to live in honor of this person, not live in sadness. Thank you for reminding me that life really is to short and to continue to enjoy every minute of it!

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

    Megan – Thank you for sharing that. These situation are extremely unfortunate but it is comforting to know people out there can relate. And I think we all need the reminder to enjoy every ounce of life every now and again 🙂

  5. What a lovely post. Your mom sounds like such a fun, inspiring, beautiful person with the most full of life attitude! It’s a blessing you’ve been able to surround yourself with loving and positive people and are doing things you love. Keep smiling and wish you all the best in your future journeys with Max and Zoe and your boyfriend.

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