Home Away – It’s all in the Name!

Typically when I travel I have several concrete options for where I ended up staying.  There are the usual hotels or bed and breakfasts, hostels if I am feeling wild and broke, or a familiar couch if I know someone in the area.  They have all worked well for me in the past and I don’t usually have a preference, unless there is a huge price discrepancy.  However, this past weekend I have been spoiled rotten and I don’t think I will ever be able to go back! On our long weekend to upstate New York my fiance used Home Away vacation rentals to lock down the most adorable little cottage, that was also dog friendly. 

At first I was turned off by this – What do you mean I have to clean up my own trash?! However, I quickly learned that this was a small price to pay to get the comfort, privacy and space of our own cottage.  We had an adorable wood burning stove, a plethora of movies with a flatscreen tv, and an upstairs area with a king sized bed.  Some pretty awesome amenities! The best part of choosing HomeAway was the people that we rented from.  We truly got lucky with Chelsea, the lady we rented our cottage from and the lady that literally helped Nick put his entire proposal together.  

Chelsea was one of a kind.  She was willing to pick up the cupcakes that said “Will you marry me?” from a cupcake shop in town, had flowers delivered to her house and strategically placed them around the cabin and was so nice in helping us bring in all our luggage when we actually arrived.  I can’t guarantee that all renters and rentees will give and get the same treatment that we did.  But staying in someone’s home made the entire experience more personal and she was more than willing to do anything to help us, because she is not a huge corporation trying to usher us in and out to make money. 

Our experience was spectacular and you can be sure I will be recommending HomeAway to everyone traveling in the near future! 



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