Woodstock the Wonderful

Woodstock is the ultimate travel destination for old hippie souls, like I consider myself.  As a tot my friends were dressed in pink and purple polka dots while my mom had me in a funky tie-dye onesie or some weird tribal pattern dress. In our senior pictures my friends wore pearls and I wore a peace sign necklace I had gotten at a House of Blues my mom and I went to for some concert.  My mom was always a little different, in a good way, and it is something I truly never appreciated until she passed.  I have ultimately inherited this trait and love to get my weird hippie on whenever I can.

So, upon pulling up to the small town of Woodstock I instantly knew I liked it.  Everything was colorful, there were tons of people walking around, little artsy shops and tons of dogs! Of course, one of the things that made Woodstock so attractive to me is that it is so puppy friendly!  Max and Zoe were able to walk around town with us and if I wanted to stop in to check out a shop, they were allowed in too. But besides that, Woodstock simple had character.  The people were all unique and didn’t boast cookie cutter designer apparel, but enjoyed their independent style. Their conversations weren’t cluttered with superficial complaints, but filled with thoughtful and insightful interactions.   I loved every shop full of incense, the art galleries full of interesting pieces and the restaurants full of healthy, organic and yummy foods! Overall, it was a breath of fresh air.

The town is so small I don’t know if living there permanently could ever be a real possibility.  However, I do know where to head when I need a reality check and real chance to clear my mind.  Until next time, Woodstock!  Hoping to see you in my near future 🙂 




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